Pranic Healing
The Ancient Art and Science of
The following article appears as was published in the Holistic Resource and Light Bridges magazines.

Pranic Healing is considered to be a major break through as an energy healing system.

Pranic Healing was developed by Chinese Energy Master Choa Kok Sui in the 1970’s. Choa Kok Sui was from the
Philippines. He developed the System of Pranic Healing based on ancient healing practices which had for the most
part been long forgotten. Pranic Healing is an energy based system which works directly with the different
chakras, or energy centers of the body. Most systems recognize 7 major chakras, however, in pranic healing, 11
major chakras are recognized, along with many secondary and minor chakras. There are different levels of Pranic
Healing including a Master level (there are only 11 Pranic Healing Masters in the world at this time). The Basic
Level covers several areas: scanning techniques to assess the energetic causes of pain and disease, the 11 major
chakras are explained with their corresponding organs and symptoms, aura cleansing techniques, ways to revitalize
chakras and organs and methods to cut energetic cords to let go of stress resulting from various causes, energy
hygiene to remain disease free and energy first aid which can be used on bruises, cuts, sprains and strains.
Distance Pranic Healing is also included which involves using Pranic Healing over distances.

Pranic Healing includes “chakra exercises” in the form of meditations. The meditation used in Pranic Healing to
“exercise” the chakras is called the twin hearts meditation because it focuses on two main chakras. It is a
meditation based on compassion, designed to be simple to learn, yet powerful.

In Reiki, attunements are used to increase the flow of energy, or Ki flowing through the practitioner. Symbols
further enhance this Ki. Ki, a Japanese word meaning energy, translates into the Sanskrit word Prana and the
Chinese word qi (pronounced as chee and often spelled Chi). Examples of the Chinese word Qi are used in Tai Qi
(more formally spelled as Taiji), Qi Gong and Medical Qi Gong. The Sanskrit word Prana is used in Pranic Healing
and the Ayurvedic system of healing and Yoga.

Master Choa Kok Sui spent much of his life developing Pranic Healing, then teaching it. Based on his work
traveling throughout the world teaching Pranic Healing and providing Pranic Healing treatments, it is now one of
the fastest growing systems of energy healing world wide and its use and popularity are rapidly growing in many
different countries. It is very popular in this country, especially on the east and west coasts.

I provide Pranic Healing treatments as well as acupuncture treatments. Working in an acupuncture setting, there
are certain expectations involving the use of acupuncture needles and this is what many clients expect. At times, I
incorporate Pranic Healing into my acupuncture treatments after explaining to my clients that acupuncture works
with the energy of the body and that I know another system which also works with the energy in a different way
and if it is acceptable with them, I will use Pranic Healing. I think that it is important that they are aware that I am
using two different types of treatments and that the Pranic Healing is not acupuncture.  I like the results I get using
Pranic Healing; some of the most dramatic results I have had from Pranic Healing include a woman who was
coming in for acupuncture treatments for a shoulder problem. One day she slipped and fell and had to cancel her
appointment. She went for a CT scan to check for any possible back injuries related to her fall--the scan revealed a
5.9 cm ovarian cyst. Upon finding the cyst, a surgery date was scheduled for about 6 weeks. About two weeks
after her fall, she returned for an acupuncture appointment; she told me about the cyst and I used Pranic Healing
on it. After two Pranic Healing treatments, she went to her Doctor for a presurgical ultrasound to measure the
cyst; it was measured at 3.25 cm. I was able to work on it only one more time before the scheduled surgery date.
During the surgery, all the Doctor could find was a cyst measuring 1.9 cm. Another interesting case was a man
who had a mass resulting from an abdominal surgical procedure. One Monday, about a month after the surgery,
he told me about the mass. He could palpate it and showed me where it was then asked if there was anything I
could do to help resolve it. I did a Pranic Healing treatment on it. The very next day, he went to his M.D. for a
follow up (the MD had been monitoring the mass using ultrasound). During this particular visit, the MD again used
ultrasound to measure the mass but this time it was gone. The doctor looked at the patient and commented “boy
you heal fast”.

One of the most intriguing aspects which makes Pranic Healing so appealing to me is the research which has been
conducted. One of the most impressive studies was conducted at the University of California at Irvine by Joie
Jones. The study involved evaluating the effect of using Pranic healing on HeLa cells in culture dishes subjected to
gamma radiation with measured radiation survival rates. There were 70 experiments in this particular study.  Petri
dishes containing the HeLa cultures were studied in different groups:  a control group, a radiation only group, a
group which had Pranic Healing only after radiation exposure, a group which had Pranic healing only before
radiation exposure and a fifth group which had Pranic Healing both before and after radiation exposure. The level
of radiation and exposure time was designed to result in a 50% culture survival rate 24 hours after the exposure.
The results were: the control group (which was not exposed to radiation) had a 100% survival rate, the group
which had only radiation exposure (with no Pranic Healing) had the expected 50% survival rate, the group which
had the Pranic Healing after the radiation exposure had a 70% survival rate, the group which had the Pranic
Healing prior to the radiation exposure had an 80% survival rate and the last group which had the Pranic Healing
both prior to and following the radiation exposure had a 90% survival rate.

I have been working with Pranic Healing for over 15 years and I am now a licensed acupuncturist as well as
certified in Pranic Healing and certified as a Pranic Healing instructor. I teach Pranic Healing through White Lotus
Pranic Healing and I have recently opened a Pranic Healing center (called the White Lotus Pranic Healing center).
This is a center where Basic as well as Advanced Pranic Healing classes can be taught and a place where Pranic
Healers can meet for practice and people can come for treatments.

Today, Pranic Healing is growing in popularity worldwide and is being used by people of all walks of life including
medical doctors, massage therapists, nurses, energy healers, home makers just to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more about Pranic Healing or if you are interested in taking a Pranic Healing class,
please feel fee to contact me at (607) 793-1360 or visit my website: http://whitelotuspranichealing.com.